Boarding schools in Queensland

Queensland is one of the largest states in Australia, and you would expect many boarding and day schools spread across to gather for educational needs for its population. Because of the largest coverage of Queensland territory, you would expect to meet diverse climatic conditions ranging from hot, humid areas, low rainfall areas, monsoon areas and wet seasons. Most of the population lives along the coastline.

Concept of boarding school

The history of boarding school dates back to the early years where great countries like Britain, Switzerland, and Germany used to exclusively affiliate boarding schools with monasteries and convents were upper-class population educated their children aspiring to be priests.

Today, boarding schools have undergone great revolutions to where it is now, and it is no longer considered a religious convent or monasteries. Boarding nowadays incorporates teaching models as well as religious affiliation, but most importantly, curriculum education and religious affiliation come second. Boarding schools are considered to provide comprehensive full-time care to learners, providing facilities to impart knowledge to learners as well as increase their chances to realise their full potential. Modern boarding schools are no longer common for academic proficiency but also a place where talents are nurtured in different fields like arts and sports. These talents have the potential to change the lives of those who have great talents and choose to pursue. Talents in boarding schools and day schools are fostered in the best way possible so that children of today can develop their interests and strengths and become great sportsmen and artists of tomorrow.

Reasons why boarding schools are better than day schools

You have many reasons to attend a boarding school than to a day school. Excellent academic performance, unmatched extracurricular activities, and athletics are just a few things you should consider joining a boarding school if you are a learner, and if you are a parent, those are the top reasons why you should take your kids to boarding schools. Parents are often tasked with tough questions as to why they should take their kids to a boarding school rather than a day school. Is there any difference between taking your kids to a boarding school instead of a day school? These are some of the questions parents tend to ponder a lot before reaching a decision. Let’s now look at some of the top reasons for choosing a boarding school instead of a day school.

  • Great teachers who are highly motivated to teach your children with a lot of passion and care. Boarding schools hire the best qualified advanced degree holders as their teachers and those who are passionate about their subjects and love to change the lives of young people one step at a time both in academic excellence and extracurricular activities. Because discipline is a top-notch in boarding school teachers do not have to be marshals in their daily activities but concentrate on imparting knowledge to the students, unlike their counterparts.
  • Great sportsmen and women of tomorrow. Boarding schools shape their students in extracurricular activities and from them emerges top sportsmen and women of tomorrow.
  • Great facilities like dormitories and playing amenities. Most boarding schools have first-class playgrounds and tracks and great boarding facilities.
  • Live independently and away from home, children graduating from boarding schools are well-groomed know how to be independent. 

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