Child Care Townsville- Helping Children make friends at childcare

As adults we often do not have any idea how tough it’s for children to acclimatize to new surroundings. Most of their young lives are spent being close to their parents. Then the time comes for them to attend child care. It’s crucial that they are happy in their new space. This would help lessen separation anxiety in them as well. The first challenge which each of them might face is making new friends.

The initial period at childcare can be difficult for many children. In fact the first few weeks, children might be busy in trying to find themselves in a new surroundings. Once they slowly start to get a hang of the place, it might be some time that they are able to be comfortable with their peers.

Many children do not even have an idea of how they should be behaving with their peers. This is something which I quite natural. Their teacher facilitate in learning new way interaction and some things they imbibe on their own. It a low process and develops at its own peace in every individual. No two children will have the same kind of social learning in a particular situation. It’s not something which can be rushed. In fact the facilitators let each child develop at his or her own pace.

However, there are certain things which parents can do to help children who might be facing difficulty in making new friends:

  • Talk to children about being more interactive. Allow them to list what’s important for them in a friendship. Qualities they would like in their new friends
  • Teach them the importance of conversation starters. Something which children might feel comfortable talking about. Their favorite book or game.
  • Encourage children to become involved with the activities taking place at child care. There are several instances where children are encouraged to take part in role plays. Also there’re other activities like storytelling and circle time where children can express their thoughts and idea. A teacher facilitates children by asking the quite ones to take part as well. This is one of the best ways of making a child forget their inhibitions.
  • Teaching children empathy is an important step which would help develop a better relationship with their peers. Children can be taught good manners. This can be done by reading out loud to children from different books or by showing them cartoons made especially for the very purpose. Children like other children who help them and are kind. No one likes bossy kids. This is why you should teach your child the importance of being a caring individual who is playful yet helpful at the same time.
  • Teach them the importance of the magic words like please, thank you and sorry. Ask them to use these often and whenever possible.

Once the child is able to master the above basic things, making friends at play school or child care is very easy. Make sure you enrol in your local child care.

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