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The need to earn for the family and the obligation to send children to school offers a lot of challenges for couples and even with single parents. School and office hours are almost the same, and if there is a short gap or leeway between them, it would just be a matter of about an hour or less than that. The same with children who are required to be punctual in going to school, parents also need to come to work early to increase productivity and bolster work performance needed for evaluation.

The above-mentioned scenario requires time management amidst a busy day or a hectic schedule, or if not, parents have no other option except to hire people or enrol their child in a childcare institution. If there is one proven and tested childcare service centres in Australia, that would be the centres of Child Care in the North Lakes.

Bay Explorers have a child care centre in North Lakes. Try to check out their programs and see if these are the best that they could offer your kids.


These patient and dedicated workers will certainly love and take care of your children as much as you do. While at work, you are at ease, knowing that your tots eat healthy food on time and someone is looking out for them during play and nap time. Along the way, nannies could also play the role of a house tutor or teacher. They are trained to teach children basic language, reading and numeracy skills at home, though in an informal way.

Daycare centres

Both parents and children benefit from the services of daycare centres across the country. Some private daycare centres are operating under government recognition, and most of them are either public or government-regulated and monetarily-subsidised. Working mothers wake up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for the family, and at a later time, kids are called up to take a bath, be in their uniforms, and take their most important meal of the day. After half an hour or so, kids are dropped off early at school and parents have still enough time to conquer traffic congestion before arriving safe and sound at their respective workplaces.

Back at the centre, kids normally are given basic physical response activities like doing a morning exercise before going on with their formal learning sessions and other daycare activities. Apart from learning to draw, count and read, children will also have fun in learning by dancing, singing and roleplaying or acting. Apart from that, they are spared time for eating their healthy snack, taking part or participating in a group play and most importantly, resting the eyes and the body in forty winks at nap time.

Tutors and other academic assistants

Under the new K+12 curriculum, teachers in a formal school are not allowed to give pupils an assignment, especially during Fridays. Saturdays and Sundays should be spent by kids for themselves and their families. Though this is the current and global trend in education, kids have yet to cope up with academic work most of the time. They still need professional teachers and tutors to help them with their difficulties in their subjects at school. It goes to show that the centres for childcare in the North Lakes do not only mean taking care of their physical and personal well-being but also making sure that kids become intellectually prepared as well as competitive.

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